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Nadine Jansen Bound And Tied Up

TALE OF TRAVEL AUSTRALIA 2 (almost do-it-yourself!)


Beginning with this phrase as my travel story on 1 September 2005, I and my love and got married three days after we parties to the discovery of Australia!
The preparation began months before the trip because we wanted to go on their honeymoon in a place far away (when you go shopping the wedding in a few thousand euro + for a great trip !!!... weighs just say you x ....) and of course the flights to places so far are not cheap. After days and days of research at the agency, internet ect ... finally help us get through the Forum of the slopes of Kilimanjaro. A boy tells us that Cathay Ayrways is bidding for Australia, including: outbound flight from Rome to any Australian city and return flight from any Australian city to Rome and three more domestic flights with Qantas just 1100 € .... ... not WOOOW true fact .... it seemed that we immediately booked as much as we had in mind to do that route!
How is our "custom" to only reserve the first 5 nights in Sydney (again via CTS) and then half the intenet with Avis book the two cars, one for the desert and one to turn down the east coast.
Book with Avis over the Internet is easy and convenient because it is not required to enter any credit card so I do not have problems. Finally comes the day of departure and we find ourselves in Fiumicino are more than ready to face an endless flight .... We made a stopover in Hong Kong and after 2 / 3 hours we had a flight to Sydney. To stop all the usual 2 / 3 days in Hong Kong to recover the time but we decided to arrive in Australia as soon as possible because we had only 21 days left and as far as Australia is vast, there are already many ... dedicated to Hong Kong maybe another trip!

Long live after 28 hours of travel we are here on the other side of the world ...... SYDNEY :-)!!!

Outside the airport there are shuttles that take you directly very cheap hotel and we take a (perhaps the late hour, maybe during the day there are also public buses + still cheap!). The ns. Hotel has prepared a room on a high floor (I think 14th) as was a honeymoon the CTS has requested a room with a view on Sydney Harbour! That's cool .... and who is never allowed if a hotel so! The next morning at 8 o'clock we are already ready to go sightseeing (NB we have not suffered from jet lag at all ... luckily !!!). At a bar or similar take a giant glass of cappuccino in the paper to take with him around (every minute is gold does not stop too long to eat ... so we do it for a lifetime ... and yet too good to be Italian! !). Sydney is not very big so do not waste money on tickets and the means we take a walk to get to the center or the Bay and all 'Opera House.La walk turns out to be a good idea because the traffic is very short and the area is rich in parks to cross very well kept, with lots of fountains and even a giant chess board! In Rome, they would have stolen all the pieces and the board also drawn on the floor ... I'm sure!!

arrive at the port and we do all the walking around already enjoying a little 'air viewing of the Australian aborigines who play the didgeridoo! We have too many photos at the Opera House, to 'Harbour Bridge, the skyline, it is a good point of views, where you turn you turn right!!
G'Day! It 's a new day in Australia and today we are very energetic especially after trying the sushi in a little place where the dishes ready before you ran on a treadmill and where you could choose "food" based on the price that each drawing represented on a plate had a price so you could choose what to eat based on price and kind .... even if we pulled to guess about food as it was all written in English and Japanese! (What do you think the King Fish! Mah!). Repeat as long as the price was ridiculous .... try to eat Japanese in Rome! The leaves 1 / 4 of salary! Today we go to Bondi Beach surfer's paradise .... and sharks!

We took a bus to the beach and already the atmosphere is felt seeing these young men in bathing suits, barefoot and with a surfboard .... and to think that spring has just begun! We arrive at the beach and now we adapt to life "Surf 'n Sun" even if it's a bit' chilly.

We just want to take surfing lessons, but the cold and the idea that some shark distracted to get to this bay to chew our calves made us give up!!

center back to Sydney in time for dinner and after finding the usual cheap meal we take a ride on a ferry. Use this type of vehicle to get around Sydney is cheap and especially as it is used by locals to go to work, school .... and it also has a night view of Sydney's beautiful skyline. The exciting thing was to go under the Harbour Ferry bridge all lit ...... Woooow!

The third day we dedicated to the Royal Botanic Gardens, which are always close to the bay next to the Opera House.Un beautifully kept park where you see the giant cacti in baobab "fatties" flowers of all colors Walking the color and size of this garden "promenade"! E 'relaxed a little taste' of Australian life while sitting on a bench and watch the bay and see how "hundreds and hundreds" of people do jokking! But no one works during the week?!? Better Life Style Australian fly sulllo we get depressed or even more on our lives ultrastressata! Episode particular: as we stroll Fabio notice a tree where the leaves were large and oddly moving, though there was no wind .... and believe it! They were not giants but leaves giant bat! There were hundreds and slept quietly head down ', were huge and hairy and every now and then someone did a nice stroll to the BATMAN! Better not get too close ..... Back in the late afternoon in downtown Sydney Tower to get on and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the city and the bay from a height of 300 meters on one of its revolving floors!

Since we have taken a liking to run as Ferry decided to go see MANLY. It 's a seaside town that is located on the opposite side in Sydney in the same bay.

It 's a beautiful day and already' so many people (although they are still spring!) Decided to spend a day at the beach ..... When you arrive stop the tourist information for the map of the little town and find out what's nice to see and fare.Passeggiamo the main street full of specialty shops and make stock gifts to take home and then seeing that shopping makes you hungry we stopped at a fish market for lunch or a .... little place where they sell fish (like fish), but if you want to cook it even on the fly style take-away at ridiculous prices!! In the afternoon we take the long waterfront promenade and see the various beaches of Manly where someone already take the sun and we (.... with the jackets because we're cold !!!!). After the carefree days at sea we take the ferry for the return and we enjoy the sunset from the boat in Sydney skyline! SIGH SIGH ...... that nostalgia ....

Since the journey from Sydney to Manly by ferry is about time we go on to 'Harbour Bridge. We were curious to know what it cost the experience of climbing the arch of the bridge on the rope with other people, our curiosity was satisfied but it was too expensive (if I remember correctly 150/180 Australian dollars each!) So we opted for the ascent on foot via the stairs of the bridge pylon astronomy figure of $ 1! I have to say that there disappointed as the height reached was almost the same arch of the bridge and the view across the bay was still beautiful! And go with millions of photos !!!!!

Last day in Sydney we opt for exploring the city with an organized tour of the day. We choose to go to Featherdale Wildlife Park (to see kangaroos and koalas!) And Blue Mountain.

Early departure by bus and road to the nature .... The bus driver is an Australian man with cowboy hat on the way tells us a bit 'of things, but already know ...... English is difficult let alone the Australian! C'abbiamo withdrawn and we are dedicated the landscape along the way, to see life in the suburbs.

We arrive at the destination and the first surprise: a baby kangaroo comes to greet us just got off the bus! What a joy, what joy-what joy!! In a second we are catapulted into an area full of kangaroos off: who was dozing, who "sat" watching the show for us tourists (see photo), who was waiting to nibble a bit 'food ..... Yes, with $ 1 contributed to helping the park and

especially to fill the belly of the kangaroos! Take a waffle ice cream and filled with seeds and adored by davi kangaroos to eat! How nice that you were kangaroos and kangaroo close to take food from your hands! Fabio has not been very lucky, the first kangaroo to make the semi's broke all the cone and the second it to him definitely stole everything and ran away! We were an hour to play, but also look to seek not to disturb too much of these strange animals!!
Then came a unique moment: our first close encounter with a koala! In the area reserved for them there were three or four koalas on the branches that you could only cherish but do not take her up ... not to shake too! Puppies that I am, sleepy puppies!
After this wonderful morning we leave to the Blue Mountain to see the view from the Sisters of the Tree view and after that go down to see the Rainforest vallata.Potevamo choose different means to go in the valley (included) and we chose the old "train" (let's call it that) of the miners who was thrown into a descent almost vertical between fractures of the mountain, led by a sympathetic Crocodile Dundee!
Today we fly! Destination Alice Springs in the Australian desert ... where we can expect our first rental car and three days on the road "to reach Ayers Rock (ULURU!!).
As we go down the small airport so many guys give you brochures of places to stay, eat and what to see or do in the area. Some info at the tourist office and then pick up the car. Now exit receive the warm welcome of the flies in the desert! (Which however in this period are not so many as in the summer !!... luckily ....)
Directorate Alice Springs which is ..... be a small country full of Aboriginal addicted to alcohol and vagabondaggio.Devo say that as people get a little at first glance 'impression as they have the features of' primitive man and then they are very big! in the area are worth visiting School of the air. It 's the site of a school made by radio (and now also via computer) for those children who live on farms isolatissime in the Australian outback. Us done really impressive to see how it is organized and how many children live without our "vices" of all days!! In the evening we decide to see a show of Didjeridu (used by aboriginal instrument made from a hollow trunk of eucalyptus), played for the occasion in a modern version accompanied by a band and visual effects.
Set in a small room that gathered more or less 60 people .... it was exciting and immediately after the concert how could we resist in trying to play this strange instrument, as musicians have offered their art? There were dozens of instruments to try and say that: Fabio has managed to recreate a sort of call of the whales (hihihihi!!) and I did a few fart!!
Early in the morning we are ready to go on the road with our machine direction Ayers Rock! We kilometers and kilometers on a desert road and at one point we see a strange monument and read a sign "Tropic of Capricorn"! Now we stop to take pictures of the ritual, a little 'happy and a bit' angry that only then we realized that it is a way for the wrong direction!! Sigh Sigh!
However we are on holiday then the anger goes away in 5 minutes .... and this time really in the direction of Ayers Rock!
Along the way we saw a sign indicating a path off-road, which led a crater of a meteorite! Even though our car was in no way we ventured off-road (at our own risk) ... and after an hour of wobbling dirt road we came up with this mythical crater!! A tip: If you are over there ... forget it! It 's just a small hole with a little' weed! However we take the road to Uluru and km after km and finally the only gas station .... MUST STOP!

The attendant is cute, the side has a small fence with a baby emu 'and wallabi (small kangaroos) that the owner is injured and takes them with him and edited them to their healing and in a show also seen on "for tourists case "! The owner has a Dingo (wild dog is an Australian) who loves to sing to the rhythm of the piano to the delight of us tourists!
continue, after having filled the belly with a hotdog and after another km. .... here it is ... he ... Uluru (Ayers Rock ).... magnificent in its magnitude and say strange!
looking for a spot close to other parked cars and remain in the contemplation of this strange nature, with the setting sun is constantly changing shades of color, going from golden yellow to fiery red! I think I've eaten a roll ..... then again we were not equipped with a digital camera and luckily!! We made pictures of all types with ULURU background: hug, kiss with, on the roof of the car ..... Time has passed, it is night and is now reaching our campsite for a nap!

MEGACONSIGLIO: to Ayers Rock there is only one center with three or four hotels and 3 / 4 very expensive restaurants: We are in the desert and camping is prohibited and that center is the only place to stay and I did not mangiare.Ma date to win and doing much research I discovered that a species in this center has rooms Camping in prefabricated houses, bookable on.line. I must say we have saved a lot ..... and then there's a place where we eat together at large wooden tables outside, where you pay a fixed price and give you a meat dish of your choice and then a buffet volontà.Il beauty and detail of the place is that you can try kangaroo, crocodile (sweet chicken looks good) and emu and then you cook on the barbecue big fun and meet people worldwide!

What nostalgia of those days! Next morning: After the revelry of the previous evening in the company of other Italian boys let's start soon in the direction ULURU .... this time we want to climb! Or rather, I was a bit 'undecided because that is a mountain sacred to the Aborigines in Australia, but then I saw that was made a sort of path to follow .... then I thought, when I happen!

And so

The climb is not easy, there are points where there is much wind and the point where we must sit up with the help of ropes .... but neither is worth it!
From there you see all over the flat desert around and the only thing that breaks this flatness are the Olgas ... we decide to go see the latest from there also to enjoy the sunset on those beautiful red rocks!

Evening at the Uluru campsite with barbecue dinner and then sleep.

The next morning we leave the car at the airport and take the Qantas flight to Cairns and we wait for the part of the tropical vacation! Arrived in Cairns retreat our second hire car immediately and seek a hostel for backpackers .... found! It 'nice, economic and ticket to the dinner at a local center, we exploit the great! Presenting the ticket or you can eat a plate of spaghetti for free or choose a menu 'to say prices "ridiculous"! The only drawback is that the customers of a local average of 18 years and we "almost thirty" look like old men !! But we do not care about the important thing is to eat and not spend so much! Let

two days to explore Cairns. It has a beautiful waterfront, a large sidewalk bordered by a meadow with scattered elastic pilutissimi barbecue and where modern anyone can be a barbecue outside and spend some 'time to air aperta.Punto downside is that with all this sea you can not swim due to crocodiles and, in the spring / summer of the jellyfish. So the town has organized a Mega public promenade called the Lagoon pool complete with beach and lifeguard where adults and children spend the day enjoying the sunshine! A little 'rest' Cos I was hoping to get me a nice bath in a Caribbean sea, and instead I have to still wait a few days .... The second night our hostel hosted a barbecue in the garden in Australia for only $ 5 with dinner buffet , a requirement for us to bring only a drink! Great! Accepted immediately and at night we are there, with boys and girls around the world, to speak an English / Australian / Italianate and drinking wine (bought for the occasion in a drive-thru bottle-shop - or a shop where you can buy just entering the car! !). The evening ends in the room drinking wine and eating inserts (I honestly do not remember where we found them!) And at the end of this evening we feel a bit 'more AUSSIE too! Goodnight!
we go! Direction Cape Tribulation (north of Cairns), part a bit 'most wild and natural coastline. Along the way we stop at Palm Cove (guess why it's called that?) Then you must see the crossing of the Daintree River on a barge pulled by two cables ..... to reach their destination. This is because, I repeat, we are in a wilderness area, natural, Australians want to keep it as long as possible so as not to even build a bridge. It 's great!! Crossing the river we find ourselves now in a street surrounded by tropical forest and more ena of road signs indicating the crossing of cassowaries! One of them is very funny someone has changed a bit'!!!! (See photo!).

not hesitate to strip us of our clothes and tourists enjoy a deserted beach surrounded by tropical forest ..... sometimes a bit 'intimidated by strange ... and frightened by the noise to meet a cassowary (you know the birds are a bit 'hail ...... like ostriches !!!).

After a day spent in nature back to our hostel to rest .... Cairns Kuranda destination tomorrow!

Come early to the station to catch the old train Cairns Kuranda Scenic Railways. After the usual photos with the sign go up on this train that climbs the mountains of Cairns along waterfalls and mountain villages .... a pretty sight! Arrive at the destination station in a color that seems out of a Disney movie tourist office and inform us of what can be seen. First choice: Butterfly Sanctuary ... or unn'immensa aviary which contains millions of butterflies and giant colorful! At first glance it is wonderful to walk in this small forest and see giant butterflies flying around you .... but when you settle on is a little 'sense .... at least the first few minutes .... because they are really great and their hairy body is not very nice!
But not long after we are part of 'habitat and it is fabulous!
Second choice: Koala Sanctuary ...... I know I know ... I could not resist ... I had to hold a koala in her arms .... and I must say it was worth it! We return by train in the evening always happy to have been in contact with these living things so far away from our standard and after a walk around the typical market ... of course!!
Last day in Cairns we do not know what to see ... because the city is small and what interested us ... so we visited the council ask the guy at the front desk of the hostel. He advised us to go and see ... Mossman Gorge is a nature reserve managed by Aboriginal people and there is a bend in the river reached the suspension bridge in the forest where you can take a dip! Viiiaaaa! The tour in the reserve are not interested ... too built for tourists (we think), 'cos we head towards the river for swimming through the forest ...... ah we feel more free! Once at the top are a bit 'of people in costume, swimming quietly, then we too are preparing to dive (after asking several times if there were crocodiles in the waters ... all ultra quiet!) AARGGHHHH The water is cold as ice ... it took us half an hour to get in the water but in the end we did (by now we were there). A dazzling and refreshing bath at least 40 seconds !!!!! Back at the hostel we also make a visit to the Royal Flying Doctor Service center to realize that some people living in the Australian desert are assisted by these "flying doctors" who go once a month to supply them with medicines and aided them in case of need . It 'was a final farewell to Cairns ... Tomorrow with our coffee along the coast south to reach with a few boat trips to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!!

drive along the south coast, passing through small villages with manicured promenades and beautiful ..... not only do a day's journey we decided to take the ferry to Magnetic Island, is advertised by the leaflet that the island is home to many koalas on the island state selvaggio.Arrivati \u200b\u200btake the bus for a dollar and cifacciamo advised to leave early'll feel to see the koala .... walk for a couple of hours but at the end .... there he perched on a tree to make bye!!
Koalas were not as numerous as we expected, but already see a free for us was the best!!
The day after we arrive at the Whitsunday Islands where the archipelago, found a hostel, we spent three glorious days of hiking on these islands! Day: since we organized the trip I was looking forward to see the magnificent beach of Whitehaven Beach is a dream ......... say the least!
At low tide you create the color play between the blue-green crystal clear water and pure white beach of silicon!
The beach is beautiful and ... PLAY!! And yes, it will be the composition of silicon growth whistle when pests in the sand!! We spend a lovely day and the sun between dives!!
Day ... second boat trip! This time we choose an excursion to the reef to do some 'snorkelling .... even if the water is a bit' chilly! To save
choose a boat that seems to Popeye ... and Fabio suffer a bit'..... A destination we put the wetsuits and we dive to admire the giant coral was beautiful ..... but cold made us stand half an hour away ...... .... and then we fought so hard my teeth that I was afraid it broke .....
Third day we decide to take The commuter ferry (to save and avoid the effect we want to see Popeye !!!).... Hamilton Island.
Already the harbor is spectacular, and we go down ... there are palm trees everywhere ... I seem to have entered in the show where there was the dwarf and the hotel ... you remember the title?
big surprise: the island there are no means to gasoline and the only way to turn it is to rent the Kart (machines like those in golf) electric. A little 'Caretto but it's worth .... council rent it for at least half a day, it's worth renting and saves time.
We run like crazy up and down this island paradise, with palm trees, beaches, thatched bungalows, greedy giant seagulls french fries ..... a true paradise! If, like us can not afford to stay, so enjoy it ..... just!
last half a day before returning to Cairns for the flight back home ..... and we do not resist another side trip to Whitehaven beach .........
Bye Bye OZ
Monica and Fabio


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